Bonita Lakes

This Southwest Florida community is located across three lakes in the Northwestern quadrant of SW 122 Avenue and the intersection at Southwest 144th. Street.  You would need to exit the Florida Turnpike at Southwest 152nd. Street and head West on Southwest 122nd. Ave. Turn North and continue on past Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park,which would be on your right at the four way stop at Southwest 144th. Street.  Continue on through the four way stop intersection and look to the left for the main entrance to the community.  The clubhouse and management office is just inside the main entrance, with ample parking on your right hand side.

The community is professionally managed  and has a full time on-site team staffing the clubhouse office from 8am. to  6pm on the weekdays. Our on-site grounds keeper is a vital member of the management team. he is often seen riding about on his golf cart as he cares for the common grounds, clubhouse and keeps everything looking beautiful!  The management provides continuous area beautification services and dues and collections for managerial support all go to the governing Board. We are proud of our  management team and they are here to help you.


The Bonita Lakes community is governed by an elected Board of Directors composed of five community members which must be current homeowners on record. The Board of Directors elections are held annually. The Board also holds open meetings on the 4th. Monday of every month at 7:00 in the clubhouse and all residents are welcomed and urged to attend.

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For community reference they maintain a Bonita Lakes Property Association website. Content Warning! Sense of humor required.


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