Things to Consider:

This area will go over many aspects you the buyer should be prepared for. Remember this area is to provoke thought. WE will be able to answer and assist in the more advanced situations a buyer might face.

Are you ready for Home Ownership? These articles will help you understand the issues involved. You will also be able to learn something about lending and financing as it pertains to home ownerhip.

Are you ready to buy a home?

Making the transition from renting to buying

Pros and cons of home ownership

How much home can you afford?

Calculate your income vs. debt

Understand your credit

How much do I have to save to buy a home?

Homebuying for young people: plan ahead


Finding your home is the most important and often the most challenging part of the home buying process! These reports will help you find the home of your dreams by assisting you witht he house hunting process!

Take charge when buying:

How a realtor can help

What type of home do you want?

Wish list worksheet

House-hunting tips

A short guide to real estate lingo and acronyms

Don’t forget your preapproval letter

Choose a home, make an offer

Even if you have found a home, making the final choice often involves weighing important criteria and prioritizing your wants and needs..

How to choose a neighborhood

How to choose a home

Home comparison chart

Buyer Checklist

Home Offer Writing – Make an Offer

Get a loan

Because there are many different kinds of mortgages, it is important that you understand the different types available to you…

What is a mortgage?

Mortgage basics

Types of mortgage loans

What are my mortgage options?

How to get a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage loan

Debt to Income Ratio

Inspection and final negotiation

The home inspection is an important final step. If you would like to learn more about this and other final procedures such as negotiations and terms and conditions, please read the following.

Hiring a home inspector

Goodbye inspection, hello trouble

Inspection checklist

Safety Inspection Tips

Negotiating a Price

Negotiating to yes

About Credit History

After The Loan

Closing and possession

The ‘closing’ is the meeting where you take ownership of your new home. These reports will help you with closing and moving ito your new home, as well as the tax benefits associated with your new home purchase!

Review and Inspect Your Home

Closing checklist

Closing Costs – Home Affordability

How much can you afford?

Escrowe Advice

Closing Your Home Loan

Tax benefits of home ownership are almost too good to be true

Home sweet home: shelter from taxes




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