Estero as a city is focused on the basic necessity of every human being. Thus “we” are working to provide the affordable homes for the citizens of this community. The real estate industry has started many programs for this purpose. These consist of mortgage assistance programs, rehabilitation programs and infill housing programs. They are funded on annual basis and are further managed so that they could become affordable by the residents there. Being a citizen of Estero one has the right to purchase a house or repair it. A brief detail of each program is given below.

Estero Mortgage Assistance Programs:
The mortgage assistance programs are designed to help the person who is interested in purchasing home in the city. They give the privilege to that person to become the owner of the house for the first time. With help of these a person can reduce the interest rate on mortgage so that they become affordable. There is certain eligibility criterion to get the assistance of these plans. To get qualified the client is required to fulfill the guidelines provided by Estero real estate. Under this program there is down payment assistance plan which minimizes the interest rate of loan provided.

Housing Rehabilitation Programs:
Under this program of the Lee and Collier County real estate and housing departments there is a program called as housing rehabilitation loan. In this, the loan is provided to those owners or families who require having some repairs in their houses. Similar to the former program it also considers whether the person is eligible or not. The assistance is provided to only the eligible candidates.

Infill Housing Program:
The program has been designed keeping in mind the needs, financial conditions and standard of living of the residents of city. There are low income and moderate income people in the community. Thus, these people seek out for the affordable homes. The program rejuvenates the dreams of those communities by providing them inexpensive houses to live in. The developers are selected on the basis of qualification process. Then that property owned by the city is selected which seems suitable for building of the houses. It is handed to the qualified constructors that are selected. These builders are asked to build a home within a lot of 18 months and also are available at reasonable prices.

All these programs provide Estero home buyers the opportunity to acquire housing at a reasonable price. The city of Estero’s mission is to increase the access of people for the availability of dream home at lower rate. Their aim is to provide quality home, ensuring that the community is safe and thus increasing the value of real estate.


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